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Commercial spot for X8's "ANIMUS x ANIMA" campaign, starring Willow Smith & Harry XXX

Directed by C Prinz
Production Company Field Trip
Produced by Sally Sujin Oh & Cole Santiago
Assoc. Producer Cathlean Cher
Producer Manager Nuer Taqa
Production Coordinator Mayte Avina
Director of Photography Xiaolong Liu
Production Designer Brielle Hubert
Art Director Matt Toph
Styling by Chloe & Chenelle
Edited by Miles Trahan
Asst. Editor Erik Vogt Nilsen
VFX by Retina Imageworks
VFX Art Director Curry Tian
VFX Supervisors Dao Bahan, XIaobo Ma & Jordan Allen
Additional VFX by MAD NOMAD & Post Tribe
Color by Derek Hansen
Music by Jonathan Snipes & Micaela Tobin

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